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BitNet provides custom tailored HPC framework for your organization’s specific platforms. BitNet utilizes open source projects such as Lustre, Werewulf, Ganglia,  OpenHPC as well as leading off the shelf cluster management products such as Brightcluster.

BitNet HPC framework is now being used to speed up simulating complex real world problems of  :

* Aerospace,

* Agriculture (GRASS) , 

* Cyber Security,

* Climate Change,

* Manufacturing (BIM),

* Nonlinear Transient Dynamic Finite Element Analysis (LS_DYNA),

* Metal shaping,

* CFD, 

* Seismic processing (Paradigm),

* Broadcasting media.

“With the help of Bright cluster’s easy to use administration and monitoring GUIs and BitNet’s lead HPC Expert, Oguzhan Herkiloglu’s custom tailored scripts and excellent support, we were, singlehandedly able to bring and the much needed necessary computing power and visualization to our R&D projects in short amount time without requiring additional dedicated personnel.”   


İlker Kurtoğlu, R&D Manager

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