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Title: Airports landside and air-land side attacks’ detection and prevention

Programme: ITEA3

Project ID: 15030

Project status: Running



  • Turkey: BitNet; Ericson; Hisbim

  • France: Cassidian CyberSecurity, Flysec, , University of La Rochelle,Sentryo,University of Burgundy, Resonate-mp4,id-shield, Mdal

  • Spain : ProDevelop, Eurona Telecom

  • Portugal: Visionspace Technologies, Isep

  • Romania: BEIAS,

  • Belgium : CertSign

Summary:The infrastructure of an airport relies on information communication technology (ict) at check-in, baggage-check services, border control and aircraft handling operations. As airports increasingly rely on ict, and cyberattacks
are growing in complexity, airports are facing a loss of confidential data and costly disruption to operations. The aladin project aims to prevent failures caused by a hacker at a landside area such as parking and baggage check services, and air-landside areas that include communication between aircraft on the ground and air-traffic control.

Bitnet's involvement: 

Real Time Data Analytics, Anomaly Detection

1 WP leader, 3 Task Leader


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